Fallen Phone Repair Prices 2023


If you spill water on your smartphone, bought for thousands of lira, or if it falls into the toilet or if you forget it in your pocket while swimming, it may be damaged by water. Especially if you couldn’t save your money and didn’t have an insurance cover, don’t worry if you come across the sentence that it is not covered by the warranty due to user error when you take it to the service. Because there are ways to save the phone that fell into the water. These are as follows:

First of all, turn off your phone and remove the battery by opening the back cover. By doing this, you will prevent it from short-circuiting due to the liquid escaping into it. Also, do not leave the phone on charge for a while. Then you can take advantage of the cotton’s ability to absorb liquid. For this, after separating the removable parts of the phone, leave it on a cotton cloth or napkin, if you want, you can tamper with this cloth without shaking the phone too much. Although it may seem like the right move to dry wet items with hot air, this is harmful for smartphones and electronic devices. Because hot air can damage the structure of electronic devices and cause the phone case to become soft or melt in long-term hot air contact.

Liquid contact repair fee may be different for each brand. Liquid contact repair prices of several known brands are listed below. Prices may differ for each service. After some liquid contact, the motherboard may be damaged, and in some water drops, the processor may be damaged. Therefore, you can come across many different price alternatives.

Phone Repair Prices 2023

We have gathered the liquid contact repair cost of some models in the table below. You can ask us using the comment field for different models.

Samsung s8 phone repair price that fell into water Starts from 1500 pounds
Xiaomi Poco Dropped phone repair price Starts from 1800 TL
Xiaomi redmi note 8 liquid theme repair price Starts from 1900 pounds
Phone repair price that fell into water Huawei Starts from 1800 TL
iPhone 8 repair price that fell into water Starts from 2600 liras
Xiaomi redmi 6 pro liquid theme repair fee Starts from 1400 TL

Another method is to put the parts of the phone you have taken apart in a bowl filled with rice and bury it in the rice, then close its mouth and do not remove the phone from here for 3 days. One point needs to be reminded here. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Note series or a smartphone with a pen feature, you should bury the pen after removing it.

Phone repair fee falling into water 2023

You have the chance to get help from the desiccant silica gel tablets that come out of the pockets of the clothes you buy from the store. A few desiccant tablets that you will throw in the rice will make your phone recover in a shorter time. At the end of the third day, you need a minimum of 3 days for the liquid in the phone to be completely absorbed. After this period, you can open your phone with peace of mind.

You should not forget to check the sensors of your phone after drying. If you still feel that there is liquid left in your phone, the last thing to do is to take your smartphone to the service.

In order to avoid all these efforts, the right thing to do is to give your smartphone the necessary attention.


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