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Motherboard scraps, which are among the computer materials, have a great importance in the scrap industry. Scrap motherboard, processor, hard disk and all other parts are separated by recycling and re-enter our lives as different products. There are millions of old computers and the motherboards on them are no longer usable. Even if it works, recycling is the only place where they are valued because they are no longer able to remove up-to-date software.

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There are places all over Turkey that buy and sell electronic motherboard scrap. There are recycling facilities and mobile scrap dealers collecting these parts in each district of 81 provinces. You can get the most up-to-date prices by contacting such places.

Scrap Motherboard and Processor Prices 2023

Scrap Motherboard and Processor Prices 2023

The table below shows the prices of many scrap cards and processor types. These prices are calculated in kilograms. While the kilogram price of the old generation motherboards is 138 TL, the kilogram price of the hard disk card is 348 TL. For all other motherboard scrap details, you can check the table below.

Yellow Core Processor 2.140 TL /KG
Porcelain Processor 920 TL /KG
Black Plastic Processor 628 TL /KG
Green Plastic Processor 628 TL /KG
Yellow Tab Ram 638 TL /KG
Cell Phone Card 458 TL /KG
Hard Disk Card 348 TL /KG
Extra Server Cards 225 TL /KG
Shell Cell Phone 197 TL /KG
Server Cards 194 TL /KG
Laptop Notebook Cards 196 TL /KG
Pos Device Cards 166 TL /KG
Old Generation Motherboard 138 TL /KG
Finger Cards 135 TL /KG
Next Generation Motherboard 87 TL /KG
Modem Cards 86 TL /KG
Satellite Cards 86 TL /KG
Printer Cards 85 TL /KG
Scrap Laptop 39 TL /KG
hard disk 38 TL /KG
Transformer B – C Card (CRT Monitor Card) 25 TL /KG
Socket Scraps 18 TL /KG

We have brought together scrap motherboard prices for you, our visitors. We take care to share each scrap price in our Scrap category. When shopping for scrap processors and scrap motherboards, we always recommend doing a thorough research to find out the most up-to-date price. Before making the trade, you can request the clearest price information from the relevant company.

What is the New Generation Motherboard Scrap Price?

New generation motherboard scrap kilo price starts from 87 TL. Before shopping, you can request the most up-to-date motherboard scrap price from the relevant company.

How Much Does a Scrap Laptop Motherboard Cost?

The kilogram price of the scrap laptop motherboard price starts from 39 liras today.


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